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What We Do

Chief Firewood harvest’s all of its timber in an environment beneficial eco friendly manner. By harvesting all of its wood it’s able to produce the best industry leading product. Once wood is split it is left to naturally cure for 12 to 24 months better known as seasoning. This process is long but makes for the ultimate all natural organic gourmet cook wood.  Rather than kiln drying the longer wood naturally ages it allows the wood to cure creating and retaining more wood lactones and vanillin’s better knows as sugars that become stored in the wood.  With the slow aging process wood also creates more fenolkeytones that are commonly referred to as cinnamon notes that bring out flavors. The gasses released when burning naturally cured wood are sugars flowing all throughout your cook, leaving you with favors that you can not buy in a bottle nor can kiln dried wood produce. Chief Firewood delivers all of its wood in it’s FREE supplied wood racks that can be locked and have roofs to protect the wood from elements, or shrink wrapped on pallets. Chief Firewood offers custom cut & split wood, special splits for pizza ovens and grills. Chief Firewood prides it’s self in selling the industry leading product to Franklins BBQ since 2015. Chief Firewood supples numerous of Texas monthly top 10, top 50 & honorable mentions dating back to Texas monthly 2015 to 2021. We supply all smokers, barbecue joints, fine dinning, & pizzas oven establishments with gourmet cook wood. Chief Firewood promises to never run you out of wood and to always provide only the best gourmet cook wood to your establishment. When becoming part of Chief Firewood you will quickly become impressed by it’s product and service. Contact Chief Firewood today to became part of the wood family.

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