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About Our Business

Here at Chief Firewood we are the wood experts. We have been producing and servicing the Austin area with firewood since 1990. With 32 years of experience, we have the upper hand verses our competitors. We truly know and understand the importance that consumers get quality wood and service. We cater to all of our costumers needs. All of our wood is cut and split to uniform length. We understand how important consistency from log to log is in the cooking world. Chief Firewood takes extreme pride in providing the best quality cooking wood available to all Pit masters, pizzerias, grills, cooks and chefs. By working one on one with all of our clients allows us get products to specs and liking, so that consumers can put out the best food in town. When not cooking with the proper restaurant grade wood, the wood can affect food, in its texture and taste. We understand that our cooking wood is a very important tool that plays a major role in all various different types of cooks. When becoming part of Chief Firewood, the wood experts team consumers no longer have to worry about wood supply, and ordering. We figure out consumers burn rate and deliver as needed. Our white glove delivery system allows us to make deliveries in a timely manner. All of our wood is delivered in our free supplied wood racks, all racks come with roofs to keep wood protected from elements and doors that can be locked. Chief Firewood wants to become your permanent wood provider and is excited to build a long-lasting relationship with consumers. For more information please fill out the contact info sheet and someone will contact you within 48 hours.

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